The challenge takes place from Monday, September 18th through Friday, October 30th. I believe and practice a 80/20 mentality. I enjoy sweets and the occasional alcohol beverage and just like many of you I struggle to get enough fresh veggies. Meal planning isn’t my favorite task; however, when I make time for it along with other small habits and keep it simple, it pays off in dividends!

So if you’re tired of making excuses and constantly ending up back at square one, exhausted and overwhelmed this is exactly what you need.

How it works:

  • Find a partner and sign up!
  • Workout with TiF live – Automatically gain a point for the day
  • Workout with TiF’s recorded video – Submit the quick submission form provided on the Website or our Facebook page and earn a daily point
  • Two people per team. One workout credit per teammate, per day
  • Be on the lookout for how to earn bonus points on our TiF Facebook page
  • At the end of the challenge the team with the most points will choose a charity to receive proceeds (50%) from the challenge.

* This is a one time fee and not considered a TiF Membership. TiF Challenge pass gives you access to TiF live and recorded classes for the duration of the challenge. Class access is limited to classes that occur during the challenge

Once you’ve submitted the registration form below, pay the registration fee in your cart and get ready create routines and habits that you enjoy and look forward to!