Together in Fitness offers LIVE virtual fitness classes in a friendly atmosphere with the motivation to help meet your fitness goals.

TiF’s Mission

We want you to be your best self, to be part of a community that supports you, and to have the freedom to do it from anywhere.

What makes TiF different?

TiF instructors personalize the fitness experience, providing modifications to keep exercises at your level and encouragement as you work toward your goals.

TiF members enjoy the support of a friendly and like-minded community, without pressure to compete with the guy/girl next to you, or look a certain way. In other words, you can be you.

Can’t make a live class? No worries. Recorded classes are available for viewing on-demand with a TiF Membership Plus.

How do TiF Members feel?


Soon after starting TiF, I found I noticed that my strength, stamina, flexibility, and range of motion all improved. Tiffany is super relatable. Her workouts are enjoyable and allows me to challenge myself at a level that I’m comfortable with. I’m working muscles I didn’t even know I had. Living on the west coast with a busy schedule means I can’t make the live classes, but I can easily take her workouts on the road. The modifications she offers to someone like me with shoulder issues never makes me feel like I have to give up, but rather teaches me to work to my own capacity in the safest way for me


I have been working out with Tiffany for a very long time.  She inspires and amazes me.  Every class I take I truly enjoy…. enough to motivate me out of bed at 6am and start off my day in the best way. The diversity of her classes and routines prevent muscle memory and boredom, keep me challenged and present during the workouts.  She stops and looks at you on screen and encourages you.  I have lower back issues and Tiff gives modifications and/or alternative moves to ones that may not work. You don’t realize the time has passed until you’re done, dripping with sweat and feeling ready to take on the day.  Tiffany is inspirational!  Love TiF!


Tiffany's Mom and Inspiration for TiF️

Tiff is supportive, provides challenges, corrections and modifications. She encourages me to push but reminds me to know my limits.  She doesn’t let anyone feel out of place!  And I love the offering of classes since each one provides a different measure of physical endurance.  No two classes are the same, keeping me coming back each time!


Educator from NJ

Tiffany exudes passion for health, fitness, and a positive lifestyle which she sends into every home through her online classes. Within each workout, we are encouraged to listen to our bodies and modify when necessary. This means Tiffany caters her workouts to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! There are low-impact modifications as well as higher-intensity options consistently sprinkled throughout each and every class. Her overall encouragement and support are the best push I could have hoped for on my fitness journey. I finally feel like an athlete again and am looking forward to a long road of fit and healthy living because of the opportunity that Together in Fitness has given me.


Teacher from NJ

Tiffany is great!  I have been taking her classes for several years now.  She brings together a variety of classes so you don’t get bored. She is easy to understand as you follow along with her exercises.  She motivates you in a positive way to work hard but always offers modifications.  Tiffany is upbeat, pleasant and a good sense of humor. She really cares about her students.  I highly recommend you sign up for TiF classes – you won’t be disappointed.

Steve from NJ

Tiffany is the best! She always brings positive energy, a positive attitude and amazing variety of moves that you don’t get with a prepackaged exercise video. With the live virtual classes projected on my big screen TV, I can concentrate harder on my form and make the corrections/adjustments as needed and she helps tremendously with real time direction and encouragement.  I’m a runner who wants to keep up a strong core and my TiF virtual workouts are the perfect compliment to my running program and I always look forward to her classes!

Anthony from NJ

Tiffany is very dedicated to her clients and she cares deeply for them and makes every effort to ensure the best possibly result for each and every one.  I have some limitations and she addresses them with modifications and changes to adapt to all fitness levels.   Her instructions are clear and concise with dedication to being professional and obtaining the best possible result.  I would highly recommend taking her classes as they have made a huge improvement in my life and my well-being.  The classes run the gamut of techniques and offer a full and exhaustive  array of exercises for all body parts. You will not be disappointed…she is the BEST!


Court Reporter from South Carolina

Tiffany is my escape into focusing on my health through fitness. She’s an amazing teacher, choreographer and overall fitness expert! When you take her classes, you’re never watching the clock. Before you know it, you’ve had an amazing workout, your head is clear, you’re in a great mood and ready to take on the day!! Love her!!


Health Professional from NJ

I love the variety of TiF classes and the modifications. Tiffany will push us but give us great choices too! Most importantly, I don’t get injured or worn out.


I love how the classes get mixed up all week, so you never feel bored! They are fun and challenging. I enjoy the live video. It doesn’t give you the option to pause!


How TiF began

TiF’s Story is Tiff’s Story

They say what goes around comes around. TiF was founded by Tiffany, an unstoppable mother, leader, educator, and coach with nearly 20 years of health and fitness instruction experience. She has professional certifications in Group Fitness (AFAA), Spin (Mad Dogg and Schwinn), Kickboxing (AFAA), Zumba Strong, and Barre. After many years teaching at gyms, many of her clients became her close friends. Then in 2020, they encouraged her to realize her big idea; a community where people inspire each other everyday, and providing health and wellness with a very real personal connection. She truly believes that fitness is not only for your body and physical appearance but perhaps even more important for your mind, soul, and sanity 🙂

Facts behind TiF

  • 90 percent of TiF Members feel virtual fitness classes give them the same or more physical and emotional health and wellness benefit as in-person classes.
  • TiF Members range from teenagers to adults well into their 70’s, all coming back regularly for a personalized challenge! This is because TiF is literally for everyone regardless of age or level of fitness
  • During the COVID health crisis 25% of Americans never plan to go back to a gym (Onepoll). Therefore, TiF offers a zero-anxiety transition from gyms to virtual fitness training at home.
  • According to new research about good moods and physical activity, people who work out even once a week, or for as little as 10 minutes a day tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise (American Journal of Psychiatry). So TiF makes it easy to be happier!

Ready to get fit with TiF? Ways to join in:

Drop-in Classes

  • Join one Live Class

Team TiF Membership

  • Unlimited Live Classes

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Team TiF Membership Plus

  • Unlimited Live Classes
  • Unlimited On-Demand Class Videos
  • Discounts on TiF Gear (coming soon)

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Inside TiF Virtual Fitness Classes

TiF offers a well-rounded, positive fitness experience through virtual fitness classes. You can expect interval training classes to target cardio health, endurance training techniques to improve stamina over the long haul, and strength-focused classes to tone and sculpt muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Classes are offered 6-7 days a week. Plus, no two classes are the same from week to week.

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.

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